Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BetterBatteryStats Impression

BetterBatteryStats icon from the Google Play Store
BetterBatteryStats is an app that me and many other rooted users are very familiar with. I check this app more than any game or even news app that I have. I am a bit obsessed with battery life because personally on any given day I'd like to not have to worry about whether or not my phone will be alive by night. The problem with the stock android battery stats is that it is very inaccurate and doesn't show people what is causing the drain. BetterBatteryStats shows exactly what kept your phone awake or woke it up in the first place. It also give you a better idea as to how good or bad your battery life has really been by showing you how much it drains per hour. Sometimes you might think your battery is draining like crazy but it turns out your phone has been on for twelve hours and is only draining maybe 3%/hr which isn't bad when you consider that means your battery will last about 33 hours.

BetterBatteryStats is a must have for tinkerers and rooted users. It can help you pin-point problems and fix them to optimize your battery life without tools that claim to do it for you. Since BetterBatteryStats accesses, aggregates, and presents a large collection of different data sources that are populated by Android and by the kernel (thanks +Sven Knispel). Meaning BetterBatteryStats doesn't even need to run in the background in order to do its job thus not adding to the problem in any way shape or form. Anybody can use this app to find out about their battery performance and advanced users can get useful information using the various tools and views. BetterBatteryStats is indeed a paid app and it requires root in order to run so make sure you have that before you buy. I will leave a link to the XDA post from the developer where he goes into more detail about how the app works for people interested in learning more.

Google Play - BetterBatteryStats